Victoria Watmore - Owner

  Soon after graduating from Lamson College in Tucson Arizona Victoria was fortunate to acquire a position with a larger local C.P.A. firm where the focus was “what can you learn to do for us”. She was with Martensen, Jansen & Kennedy, P.C. for five years.  She then accepted a position with a national firm for five years that dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s of her public accounting experience.  They made excellent use of  her range of experience.  She was given write up work, compilations, reviews and tax returns of all entities to prepare.  She was responsible for all payroll functions for numerous clients.

 After ten years in public accounting, Victoria was recruited by one of her clients when they were purchased by a multi million dollar venture capital company.  She became the controller for the Pacific Region handling all phases of acquisition accounting as more companies were acquired.  She was responsible for the financial reporting for each company in her region as well.  In this role she supervised two accounting assistants, three A/P clerks and a payroll administrator.  With her public accounting experience, she set the standards for policies, procedures and work papers.  She trained the personnel of the acquired companies to use and benefit from these new methods.  Nova Care closed it’s Regional offices in December, 1994.

 Victoria founded Advantage Accounting Services, Inc. in January of 1995 with one client, part time.  Advantage Accounting Services, Inc. now has eight employees and a range of clients.  Although the company began with acquisition and due diligence work all over the United States, it was determined to carve a local niche in the Denver area.  Drawing from the vast range of experience in public accounting and having walked in the private sectors’ shoes as well, bridging the gap between the two is now the mission of Advantage Accounting Services, Inc..

 We provide support to CPA firms, alleviating them of the tedious and not so profitable write up work.  We find we are an excellent facilitator for CPAs and their clients, as we are fluent in both languages.  Advantage Accounting Services, Inc. is also a terrific “hidden asset” for CPAs that choose to maintain clients’ record keeping without disclosing the secret of their ability to keep bookkeeping deadlines at a reasonable fee and still have time to focus on the more analytical, desirable and billable work.

 Advantage Accounting Services, Inc. creates satisfied, profitable clients and more relaxed, more profitable CPAs. Many CPA firms in the Denver area are grateful every year-end when their clients’ work comes to them in referenced work papers with all schedules & backup work completed.